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What a year it has been... and what better way to say goodbye to it than with a festival of magic, community and creativity from

7th - 23rd December 2020.


Our programme, supported by Arts Council England, has been designed with community at its core. Without your snowflakes and your taking part we’d just be a couple of crazy ladies talking about the Snow Queen on the high street (and we’ve been asked to stop doing that). Together, we can build something that celebrates each other and brings a little magic to the end of a very strange year.

Throughout human history, and maybe before, we have always found holidays to darken the shortest days and bring magic to the long nights. This isn’t a festival for just children, or just families, or just people who’ve been furloughed. If you live in Stirchley, this is a festival for you.

Below are a few things we've got planned and need your help with. Get in touch if there's something you think we're missing.

Stirchley Snowflake Trail

Help us turn Stirchley into a giant work of art - simply make snowflakes or winter scenes and display them in your window across December. 

We want to see the work of every artist, young and old. If you're not the most confident, we'll have downloadable template sheets, and we can post you some printed ones if you don't have a printer, so you can colour these in and display them in your window. 

Later this month you can even add your window to our digital map, where we'll be celebrating all of the great winter windows around the trail. 



As is Stirchley tradition, Laura (the community mischief fairy) will be decorating the tree outside Stirchley Primary to celebrate the festive season; but this year she needs your help. We have millions (nb: about 50) white clay stars and snowflakes that you can decorate and hang on the tree.  We'll then varnish them and hang them for all to see across December. 

If you'd like to take part, drop us a message or pick up a snowflake pack at participating businesses. We'll have more info on this over the next few days as we start to get a handle on what's possible.

At home fun

We know a lot of this year has been about lockdowns and social distancing. So we wanted to make sure that we could bring some of the magic of the Stirchley Snowflake Festival into your home.

We will have a small number of easy to make kits, including kaleidoscope kits featuring some snowflake additions. A kaleidoscope is basically three mirrors which reflect light to create an image that's different every time. Producer Heidi has been practicing her kaleidoscope making skills, you might have seen her around with some mirrors against her phone to take pictures like this one of the bus stop. 

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The Snowflake Festival is a Stirchley-wide celebration and we have two ways that businesses can get involved.

If you want to offer any snowflake-themed products across the festival, let us know by the 25th November and we’ll include you on our snowflake trail map. We’ve got a broad definition of snowflakes, so let us know your winter warmer plans by getting in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


You can also take part in the festive window display, where you could win the soon-to-be-coveted new Stirchley Festive Window Champion trophy. We’re asking businesses across Stirchley to decorate their windows with their best winter displays, and keep them up 7th - 23rd December. 

Our special guest judges will be walking around mid-December and we’ll be crowning a winner on the 23rd of that month.

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Stirchley Snowflake Festival is supported by Arts Council England. 

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