how to make a snowflake

Below you’ll find some inspiration for creating snowflakes for your snowflake trail window display. All of the ways of making snowflakes are purposely simple to do and require very little equipment (paper, scissors and sellotape / a stapler at most) to ensure everyone can get involved. 


If you’re struggling to print off the snowflake template and want copies, please get in contact with us on and we will try and get some to you.

printable templates

We have made some templates of snowflakes which you can print off and colour in for a scissor free alternative. There are four different designs to get you started, but we’d also love to see your drawings of snowflakes. Every snowflake is unique, so you can’t go wrong.


Click here to download the templates

Paper snowflakes

If you’re new to making snowflakes we found these instructions by the National Trust easy to follow. You might remember making these in school, you fold a piece of paper into sections and cut out any design. 

Medallion snowflakes

These snowflakes have a little more depth to them than the flat ones, but use a similar method. The difference is you concertina the paper like an accordion or like you’re making a paper fan. You need to staple the middle of the fan, then cut out one side and copy the design on the other side of the page. There are full instructions over at One Dog Woof blog.

3D snowflakes

These look impressive but are actually quite simple. You’ll need  some paper, scissors and either sellotape or a stapler. We’ve been making them for years, after we saw them at the Bearwood Handmade Market, but these instructions by Classy Mommy are easy to follow - and she had help from her seven year old daughter.

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We’d love to see what you come up with so please share your photos with us, and most importantly we hope that you have fun doing it.

Stirchley Snowflake Festival is supported by Arts Council England. 

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